What types of reporting do I have access to?

Short Answer:

You have access to the results of your campaigns visually and graphically by Location, App Category, Conversions, & Expenditure. 


Expanded Explanation

via LocationsAnalyze how your campaigns perform on a location-by-location basis. See how many of your messages are delivered and interacted with for each location you designated. Leverage this data to target only the most relevant locations pertaining to your campaigns as well as to edit the bid for each campaign at the designated locations. 


via AppsSee how your campaigns perform on an app-by-app basis. Measure your Impressions and Interaction Rates from each app and use these results to better improve your current or next campaign. 


via ExpenditureAnalyze each campaign in terms of budget spend and bid amount. Utilize this data to change your campaign budget or bid at any time to enhance your current campaign or improve your next one.


via ConversionAnalyze your message in terms of Impressions (message delivery), Interactions and Conversions. Leverage this data to edit your campaign in real time to enhance your current campaign or improve the next one.



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