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Blesh Marketplace is a new way to monetize your app. You are no longer limited to relying on in-app advertisements for monetization as Blesh Ads increases your app inventory with push notifications. You can take full control of this new monetization model and enjoy your new revenue stream.


Frequency Capping

  • It protects Publisher Integrity. 
  • You can decide on the maximum number of times your users will see an ad.
  • It is also possible to determine the number of messages your users will receive per day, week or month. 
  • The higher your frequency cap, the more opportunities you will have to generate revenue as you are compensated per message delivered. 
  • Do not set your frequency cap too high as users can become desensitized to push notifications. 


Minimum Relevancy Score

  • It protects Publisher Integrity.
  • You can set a minimum relevancy score that determines which messages your users will see. 
  • The higher your minimum relevancy score is, the more relevant messages delivered on your part to your users will be; however, it will slightly effect the number of message you are able to send to your users until advertisers fully comprehend this form of advertising. 
  • The lower your minimum relevancy score, the less relevant messages delivered on your part to your users will be; however, you will have a greater opportunity to deliver more messages to your users as the limit on the advertisements is less.  



  • It protects Publisher Integrity.
  • You can enter keywords with which your users will not come into contact. 
  • These can be words included in advertisements or brand names themselves. 
  • Blesh Ads ensures through the ad approval process that your users will not receive a message associated with the keyword(s) you enter. 
  • Evaluate your revenue reports and cross reference with your Blacklist; if you have a high success rate of monetization with certain iab advertiser categories, Blesh Ads recommends you remove any apps within those categories from your Blacklist. 
  • For example: if you blacklist an app within the news app category but you see that other apps within the news app category are performing well for you, you might consider removing the app within the news app category from your blacklist. 



Start Monetizing

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