Location based Mobile Communications

Send Right Message

to Right Person

at Right Time 


Location based mobile communication is a new and very personal form of advertising. In order to continue its success rates, Blesh Ads offers you tips on how to best utilize the Blesh Marketplace.



  • Send relevant messages; think who is your target audience and tailor your message specifically for them.
  • Create different campaigns for different audiences; no one is the same and a personalized message means much more than a copy/paste advertisement.
  • Choose right locations; locations paint a detailed picture of the intent, context and immediacy of an audience; leverage Blesh Ads location data to send relevant messages and realize your true advertising potential. 
  • Understand life happens in moments; a moment is usually when someone is faced with a decision, be present when these moments occur.
  • Incentivize your audience; communicating with your audience when they are in the right place gives you the best chance of getting your advertising message across; adding an incentive only increases the success of your campaign.
  • Utilize experts in the mobile location based advertising; this will help you in creating the right message while Blesh Ads takes care of sending it to the Right Person at the Right Time.
  • Intent + Context + Immediacy = MicroMoment



  • Send irrelevant messages; it does not only damage your brand/campaign, but it compromises the entire location based mobile advertising ecosystem as it desensitizes consumers to this form of advertising. 
  • Copy/Paste advertisements for everyone; this will only sabotage your campaign success.
  • Use an advertising agency that does not understand location based mobile communications; billboard and desktop advertising strategies are not effective in mobile location based communications. 



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