Audience Targeting

Tips for Audience Targeting


App Category

  • Be specific in the app category selection.
  • The more app categories you select, the less relevant your message will be thus hurting chances of having your message delivered. 
  • The app category gives a good description of an audience's mindset. 
  • Match the app categories you select with corresponding location(s). 



  • Choose the location(s) that are relevant to your campaign.
  • Take into consideration the mindset of an audience at certain locations and leverage it to create relevant and engaging content. 
  • Match the location you designate with relative app categories.


Message Relevancy Score

  • Blesh Ads considers the relevance of your message with respect to your target audience.
  • Your target audience includes app category selection and most importantly location designation.
  • Your Message Relevancy Score is the most important factor in getting your message delivered to your target audience.
  • A message with a high Message Relevancy Score and lower bid usually wins out over a message with a low Message Relevancy Score and a higher bid.
  • The reason for this is that push notification messaging is a very personalized form of advertising where the need to send relevant content is far more important that in other forms of advertising; this type of advertising is also much more effective than other forms.
  • Blesh Ads publisher apps have the ability to limit the messages sent to their users by setting a minimum relevancy score.
  • To ensure that your message can reach the your target audience, you should strive to create the most relevant messages possible.  



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