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Blesh Marketplace reporting is extensive, with Blesh Ads measurement metrics clearly defined, making analysis simple and easy. You can view all pertinent information regarding your campaigns directly from the DashboardCampaign Manger and Reporting tabs.


Measurement Metrics at a glance

  • Impression: Message Delivery; the number of push notifications sent to your intended audience.
  • Interactions: Swiped Open & Viewed Impressions; the number of push notifications swiped open.
  • Clicks: Taps in the mobile world; the number of times your message has been clicked.
  • Conversions: Implied Actions Taken; the number of times an intended action is made by your audience after interacting with your push message.
  • Interaction Rate: number of push notifications opened (interactions) divided by the number of push notifications sent (delivery).
  • Click Rate: number of clicks divided by number of push notifications opened (interactions).
  • Conversion Rate: number of conversions divided by number of clicks.



  • The homepage of the Blesh Marketplace where you can access real time information on your campaigns in graphical and visual formats.
  • You can sort your campaigns by brand and date.

  • You can measure your message via impressions, interactions and expenditure.
  • It is possible to check how your campaign success varies by date.
  • Interactive graph allows you to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.
  • For larger companies and agencies, it is possible to measure campaign success via each brand.
  • You are able to have a graphical perspective of your campaigns via Impressions, Interactions, Clicks (taps in the mobile world), and Spend.

  • Blesh Ads automatically displays your best campaigns and locations.
  • You can use these displays to identify which messages, places, and bid strategies work best for you.
  • You are able to evaluate your best campaigns and locations.


Campaign Manager

  • Your campaign results are visually represented.

  • It is possible to analyze each campaign based on Interactions & Expenditure in real time.
  • You can leverage analysis and adapt by changing the bid, editing the campaign content, or starting/stopping your campaign.




  • You can analyze Message Delivery (Impressions), Interactions, Clicks and Conversions for each campaign from the perspectives of Apps and Locations.
  • It is possible to filter reports by campaign date, app and location.
  • You are able to change bids according to campaign results.



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