Payment & Billing

Payment & Billing



  • Blesh Marketplace currently supports Credit Card payments, you will enter your credit card information one time at the end of creating your first campaign. 
  • The minimum user account amount is $1000 (USD) | €1000 (EURO) | ₺3000 (TL, Turkish Lira). 
  • If you have multiple campaigns, you do not need to spend 3000 TL for each campaign; but you need to have a minimum account balance of 3000 TL which Blesh Ads will replenish according to your budget frequency; see more below.



  • Blesh Marketplace will automatically bill you according to the budget amount & frequency you set for each campaign.
  • If you select the option to not limit your campaign by budget, you will be billed for the number of messages delivered in association with your bid amount. 
  • If you do not spend your entire budget for the frequency you select, Blesh Marketplace will only bill you for the amount needed to replenish your budget. To illustrate, you set $1000 weekly budget & at the end of the week you have only spent $700, Blesh Marketplace will replenish your campaign budget to the designated $1000 by adding to it (thus charging you) $700.
  • You are free to change your budget freely.


You can access your billing here.



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