Choosing the Right Location(s)



This is arguably the most important step in creating your campaign. You need to decide where your message will be displayed. At each and every location available for your campaign, Blesh Ads has setup Beacons that will transmit your message once your targeted audience is within range. You can use GPS or GeoFencing to target audiences at locations where Blesh beacons are not yet installed. The location of your intended audience gives you their context, intent and immediacy; all of which are fundamental to achieve high campaign success rates.  


Location Options

  • Popular Places: You can choose the place(s) that are most frequented by consumers. These locations include malls, parks and airports among other places. 

  • GPS: It is possible to select locations based on GPS coordinates. Blesh Ads has simplified it down to the names of cities, districts, facilities and places.



  • GeoFencing: You can also use a map to select the area where your messages will be sent by choosing a point on the map and then enlarging the area according to your preference (up to 2km). You can also designate the area on the left hand tool bar after selecting the point on the map.




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