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Evaluating your revenue can go a long way in growing your monetization success with Blesh Ads. Below are a few tips to help you maximize your monetization with Blesh Ads. 


When analyzing your revenue by iab advertiser category, cross reference the best performing advertiser categories with your Blacklist. Blesh Ads recommends not blacklisting advertisers within the iab advertising categories that perform well for you. The same logic applies when analyzing your revenue by advertiser; if there are advertisers or advertising keywords similar to those performing well which you have blacklisted, think about removing those advertisers or keywords from your blacklist.


Consider Frequency Capping when observing your revenue. If you realize high success rates (good conversion, click and interaction rates), Blesh Ads recommends increasing your frequency cap as this is a good sign your users are enjoying the messages received. 


Setting your minimum Message Relevancy Score should also be deliberated when analyzing your revenue. If you are unhappy with the lack of messages being sent to your users, think about lowering your minimum message relevancy score to increase the chances of message being delivered to your users. Do not be afraid of testing different minimum message relevancy scores and do not overlook your user feedback. 


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