Message Relevancy Score

Message Relevancy Score


Blesh Ads reviews each and every message to determine a relevancy score. Blesh Ads considers the relevance of your message with respect to your target audience. Target audience is chosen according to app category selection and, most importantly, location designation. Your Message Relevancy Score is the most important factor in getting your message delivered to your target audience. A message with a high Message Relevancy Score and lower bid usually wins over a message with a low Message Relevancy Score and a higher bid because push notification messaging is a very personalized form of advertising where the need to send relevant content is far more important that in other forms of advertising; this type of advertising is also much more effective than other forms. In addition, Blesh Ads publisher apps have the ability to limit the messages sent to their users by setting a minimum relevancy score. To ensure your message can reach the your target audience, you should strive to create the most relevant messages possible.



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