Why are locations important?

Short Answer:

Locations give the context and more often than not the intent and immediacy of your target audience. 


Expanded Explanation

Location data gives you: 

  • The ability to send the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Better precision than audience segmentation: locations paint a much better picture of an audience than do interests or demographics. 
  • Context: the set of circumstances that surround a person in a particular moment. Grasping those circumstances and tailoring a message specific to those circumstances is invaluable. i.e. person at concert or sports match; you can confidently send a contextually relevant message & experience much higher audience interactions. 
  • Intent: an understanding of the mindset of your intended audience. Where your intended audience is located indicates much about their intentions.  I.e. a person at a mall or car dealership; you can confidently infer what they intend to do and send a specific targeted message regarding their intentions. 
  • Immediacy: an immediate need of your target audience. Some locations provide a sense of immediacy of the intended audience. i.e. being at an airport or bus station demonstrates the immediate need to go somewhere. 
  • Moment Targeting: Life occurs in moments where decisions are made. You now have the ability to be there and target those moments. 
  • MicroMoments: Context + Intent + Immediacy = MicroMoments 



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