What types of ads does Blesh Marketplace Support?

Short Answer:

Blesh Ads supports standard push notification text and rich media creative ads.  


Expanded Explanation

Standard Push Notification Message

Your messages will appear as a push notification text sent by one of Blesh Ads publishing apps within the app category you select.  Your push notification will arrive on your target audience's mobile home-screen or lock-screen. Once the message appears, the targeted audience will then have the opportunity to swipe open the message to further interact with the content. When your message is swiped open, your target audience is directed to a webpage or video of your choosing. 


Creative Rich Media Push Notification Message

Similar to standard push notifications above with the addition of a rich media creative. Depending on the campaign type selected, your target audience can tap (click) on a link provided, make a call, or simply interact with the push notification content. You can upload your custom creative directly or select from one of Blesh Ads ready made templates while creating the campaign. There are set sizes for the rich media creative, so be sure to upload the corresponding size. The sizes supported by Blesh Marketplace are: 640*940 px, 800*1280 px, 1440*2560 px, 1440*2392 px. 


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