Blesh Ads Publisher Interface

Mobile Yield Management 


My Revenues

  • Evaluate your total revenue stream.
  • Analyze your revenue per advertiser and iab advertiser category.
  • View your performance in real time via how many messages are delivered to your users. 
  • Observe the messages exactly as your users see them. 


My Control Center (settings)

  • Set a minimum relevancy score that determines which ads are to be displayed to your users; Blesh Ads will not display any message that falls below the minimum relevancy score you designated. 
  • Establish a frequency cap that sets the limit on the number of messages a single user can be exposed to. 
  • Blacklist advertisers and keywords that you wish to block from sending (or being sent via) messages through your app. 
  • Start/stop Blesh Ads advertisements with a click of a button. 


BleshSDK Verification

  • Verify that the BleshSDK has been successfully integrated into your app(s).
  • Blesh Ads will display to you whether or not the BleshSDK integration(s) have been successful. 



Create Campaign

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