Reporting Analysis

Tips on Analyzing Reports 



  • Identify what factors went into your campaign success; this will help you improve success rates for future campaigns. 
  • Filter reports by different dates to see if the timing of your message seriously effects your campaigns success rate.
  • Pinpoint the best locations for each of your campaigns; there is usually a correlation between campaign success and locations designated; you can see which locations works best for you and leverage that for future campaigns.
  • Compare your expenditures with the success of your campaigns; notice that it is not as much the budget spend amount as it is the relevancy of your message that effects campaign success rates.
  • Determine which app categories give you the best campaign success rates; leverage this knowledge to further grow your success in future campaigns. 
  • Understand your interaction, click and conversion rates; see which part of your message worked best and which part can be improved; for example: a high interaction rate with low clicks or conversions usually signifies that your initial text was very relevant but your ad was weak, work on the latter by including an incentive or better creative. 
  • Observe which app categories performs best for you and ensure you are not blacklisting any apps within those categories. 



  • Ignore analytical reporting; learning from each campaign only makes your brand and marketing messages stronger. 
  • Overlook location data; locations are the most important aspect of location based mobile advertising.
  • Fail to realize the correlations between your campaign success and the relevancy of your message; they go hand-in-hand with each other. 




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