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Blesh Marketplace allows you to leverage your push notifications to increase your advertising inventory. Your new inventory is the most Premium available: mobile home-screen or lock-screen. Your out-of-app inventory is only limited by the frequency capping you designate. You can also control your inventory through setting a minimum message relevancy score and blacklisting advertisers. 


Push Notification Messages  

Blesh Ads advertisements appear as push notification messages sent from your app. Messages are only sent to your users if they fall within the advertisers target audience which includes location designation and app category selection. Thus, your users need be in the location designated and the advertiser must choose the app category which you are associated with. Once a push notification is swiped open, an ad will appear.  Blesh Ads advertisements can be text only or rich media creative. In My Revenue section of the Blesh Ads Interface, you can observe the exact ads your users are seeing. Sizes of Blesh Ads advertisements are 640*940 px, 800*1280 px, 1440*2560 px, 1440*2392 px.

Below are some examples of how advertisers' messages will appear from your app: 








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