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Protecting App Integrity


For the protection of your app integrity and as an extra incentive to use the Blesh Marketplace, Blesh Ads has instituted a series of checks on all advertisements. These checks also encourage the advertisers to send the right message which is imperative in location based mobile advertising. Blesh Ads take this seriously not to desensitize people from push notification messaging (advertising). 



Every message goes through the rigorous Blesh Ads advertisement approval process. During this process, each ad is given a Message Relevance Score. You determine which ads are to be delivered via the level of relevancy with respect to your users. You also control which advertisers have the ability to send push notification messages through your app via Blacklisting by entering keywords that include topics, advertisers or industries that you wish to block from sending messages through your app; Blesh Ads will not allow any message containing those keywords nor will Blesh ads allow advertisers you entered from messaging through your app. Another way of ensuring App Integrity is Frequency Capping; where you can determine how many times your users can receive a message (advertisement) per day, week or month. 



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