Campaign Management

Campaign Manager


Act in Real Time:

  • Blesh Ads Campaign Manager displays all pertinent information about your campaign success.
  • On the same screen you have the ability to edit your campaigns accordingly.


Adjust Bid:

  • You can change the bid amount directly from campaign manager.
  • You are able to see your success rate and decide to raise or lower your bid.
  • If your campaign is seeing much success and you wish to reach an even larger audience within the targets you have selected, then Blesh Ads recommends you to raise your bid.
  • If your audience reach has not met your expectations but you are sure of the segmentations, Blesh Ads recommends either creating a more relevant message or raising your bid to increase the chances of message delivery. 


Start/Stop Campaigns:

  • You are able to take full control by starting or stopping your campaign instantly.
  • If the campaign is not meeting your expectations, Blesh Ads also recommends you stop the campaign and edit the content or segmentations.
  • To start the campaign again, your message will re-enter the Blesh Ads advertisement approval process which usually takes only a few hours.


Editing Campaign Content

  • You can change the push notification or creative (for applicable campaign types).
  • You have the ability to change anything about your message.
  • If you are not impressed with the success of your campaign or simply want a different message delivered, you can change it directly from the Blesh Ads Campaign Manager.  



Create Campaign 

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