Real Time Bidding & Budget

Real Time Bidding & Budget


Real Time Bidding

Similar to a Stock Exchange, this is an auction where you select the amount you are willing to spend for your message to be delivered to the audience you have selected via app category segmentation and location(s).


Placing Bid

There are two types of bidding Blesh Marketplace supports:

  • AutoBid: This allows the Blesh Marketplace algorithm to select the lowest winning bid amount possible. There are a variety of factors that goes into winning a bid and you can learn more about them further in this article. 
  • Manual Bid: You decide on the amount you are willing to spend for each message to be delivered. Blesh Ads will recommend a bid amount, considering the demand for your target audience.


Changing Bid

If you change your bid during a campaign, your budget amount will reset which means the new budget you have entered will not take into consideration the previous budget amount spent. To illustrate, your initial budget is $1000 and you have used $300; when you edit your budget to $2000, Blesh Ads does not consider the $300 already spent and will continue your campaign with the newly set $2000 budget


Bid Winning Factors

Blesh Marketplace uses a proprietary algorithm to decide which message is delivered. The factors taken into consideration are: 

  • Ad Relevancy: Every ad is checked for its relevancy pertaining to the app category segment and location(s) selected. The more relevant your message, the much greater chance your message has to be delivered. This is the most important factor in winning a bid.
  • Bid: The amount you bid playa a role in which message will be sent when, where and to whom. However, a lower bid with high relevancy usually wins against a higher bid with low relevancy.
  • Demand: Each app category segment and location produce a different demand. For those highly sought after, higher bids and more relevant messages are necessary in order to win the bid. Seasonal and weekly factors also come into play (i.e. major holidays, game days or certain days of the week).


Budget Amount & Frequency 

  • You should decide on the total amount you wish to spend for the specific campaign.
  • You can also designate the frequency of the budget spent (i.e. daily, monthly, weekly).
  • You will be notified once your budget is depleted.
  • If your campaign exceeds your expectations, Blesh Ads recommends increasing your budget to continue and grow your specific campaign success. 
  • You also have the option not limit your campaign by budget. Entering the budget amount, there is the option "Don't limit the budget as campaign runs"; if you select this option, your campaign will not be constrained by budget. 



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