Editing Campaigns

Tips for Editing Campaigns


You can view a list of all your campaigns under "Campaign Manager". To edit any of campaign, simply click on the campaign name or the edit button.


Change Campaign Content

  • Depending on your campaign success rate, you may want to edit your campaign content.
  • You can make a small edit to the push notification text and/or rich media creative or you can create a completely new message.
  • Blesh Ads recommends changing your push notification text or creative to be more specific to your target audience if you do not realize your intended success rate.
  • Blesh Ads also recommends to keep in mind the content from highly success campaigns to create new highly success campaigns using similar targeted messages. 


Change Location

  • Depending on your campaign success rate, you may want to designate a different location.
  • You can add new locations, remove certain locations or completely change locations.
  • Blesh Ads recommends to be specific in designating locations; ensure the locations designated correlate to the app category selected. 
  • If you do not realize your intended reach and you are sure of the locations designated, Blesh Ads recommends increasing the bid at those locations.
  • Regarding selecting multiple locations, Blesh Ads recommends designating locations with similarities in order to increase your Message Relevancy Score as well as your campaign success rate. 


Change App Categories

  • Depending on your campaign success rate, you may want to choose different app categories.
  • You can add new app categories, remove certain app categories or select a completely different set of app categories.
  • Be specific in the app categories you select as an app within this category will display your push notification message. 
  • Take into consideration a user's mindset while using a particular app. 
  • Blesh Ads recommends you select App Categories that have strong correlations to the locations you designate as this will help you improve your message relevancy score as well as your campaign success rate.   


Editing Bid

  • From the Reports Tab, you can see how your campaigns are doing and edit bids accordingly.
  • If your campaign reach is less than your expectations and you are confident that your message and audiences are on point, increase your bid for better reach. 
  • If you are experiencing high success rate at certain locations, slightly increase your bid in those locations to continue or grow your campaign success.  


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