Creating a Campaign

Tips for Campaign Creation


You can create and customize your campaigns by clicking on the "Create New Campaign" button. A new window will appear to walk you through creating your ad displays, events, user experience rules and other campaign details. When you click save, your campaign is created and is available for editing at a later time.


Select Campaign Type

  • Select the campaign type that fits your advertising strategy best.
  • This also helps with providing the best reporting possible as different campaign types support different measurement metrics. 


Enter Basic Campaign Settings

  • This is your basic campaign information such as: campaign name, frequency, iab advertiser category, display URL and conversion tracking URL.


Enter Campaign Content

  • This is your message. 
  • This can be standard push text and/or a rich media creative. 
  • You can customize Blesh Ads templates or upload your own creative. 
  • Spend time to ensure your message is relevant to your targeted audience (which includes the location and app category you select). 
  • Provide incentives for your target audience. 
  • Send your target audience a message that elicits a want to interact with it.


Choose App Categories

  • This is a part of creating your target audience.
  • Be specific in your app category selection.
  • The more app categories you select, the less relevant your message will be thus hurting chances of delivering your message. 
  • The app category gives a good description of an audience's mindset. 
  • Match the app categories you select with corresponding location(s). 


Designate Locations

  • This is the most important part of creating your target audience.
  • Choose the location(s) that are relevant to your campaign.
  • Match the location you designate with relative app categories.
  • Consider the mindset of an audience at a particular location, and select the locations that suit your specific campaign best. 
  • Create different campaigns with the same goal but different messages for different audiences in order to send truly relevant messages.


Place Bid and Budget

  • Enter the maximum amount you wish to spend to send your message to the targeted audience you choose. 
  • The higher the bid, the more likely your message will be sent. 
  • The more relevant your message is with respect to your target audience, the more likely the message will be sent; single most important factor
  • Designate the amount you wish to pay over the course of the campaign; you can also select the budget by day, week, or month and Blesh Ads will replenish the budget accordingly until the end of the campaign. 
  • You have the ability to select an option not to limit your campaign by budget; Blesh Ads recommends to use this option when your message is highly relevant and you wish to reach a large target audience. 


Ad Approval

  • Blesh Ads verifies each message to protect publisher integrity and ensure brand safety as push notifications are very personal.
  • Usually within a few hours, your message will be approved and your campaign will be ready to begin.
  • During peak times, Blesh Ads guarantees the ad approval process will not take longer than 24 hours from submission.  
  • Every message is given a message relevancy score
  • Blesh Ads considers the relevancy of your message with respect to your target audience.
  • Choosing your target audience includes app category selection and most importantly location designation


Create Campaign


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